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Allo allo allo

Posted on 2005.08.12 at 19:48
Long time no write......

Life has kept me incredibly busy and not wanting to really sit at a computer unless I absolutely had to. Since I changed jobs last year I hadn't taken a vacation until this week. After three weeks of H E double hockey sticks at work I decided that I needed a week off before I had to put my nose back to the grind stone.

It's been quite interesting working with the IT department as opposed to teaching, when I first started out with IT I wanted nothing more than to go back to teaching. To go back to something known. It took me over six months to get over that feeling and to start to feel comfortable in my environment. There have been a few trade offs, like I have to commute to work at least three days a week and if there are any important meetings or what have you. I personally don't like to do the daily drive, but it's not the drive itself that I dislike, it's the time and money it takes to get back and forth to work. As a plus though, when I get home from work, I have no work with me it stays there, which has been rather nice. I have my evenings and weekends to myself to do with as I please. I took the summer off from courses so that I would have all that free time for myself and oooh boy!! have I been enjoying it :).


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